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PADI Bubblemaker

  • Programme information ▾

    8 years old and above

    1 hour

    Course Structure
    PADI Bubblemaker programme is designed for the little ones who can’t wait to scuba dive but still a little too young for the full programme (such as Discover Scuba Diving).

    Your instructor will introduce you to scuba diving by showing you how to use your scuba equipment and tell you what to look out for when you take your first plunge. They will then help you to put on your full scuba diving equipment and take you for your first diving experience in the swimming pool.

    Why not
    If you’d like to join your child in the pool, why not sign up for our Discover Scuba Diving programme!

    Tired of princess parties, sleepovers and the aftermath of a birthday party? Why not celebrate your child’s birthday (or other special occasions) by doing a Bubblemaker party with us! We are more than happy to arrange a surprise for your child, just get in touch and find out what we can do for you.

    What’s next
    Join the PADI Seal Team programme where you will be given exciting AquaMissions to complete underwater

  • Options and Prices ▾
    • Silver
    • 2,200 ฿
    • PADI Bubblemaker wall certificate
    • Full scuba diving equipment
    • Gold
    • 4,000 ฿
    • PADI Bubblemaker wall certificate
    • Full scuba diving equipment
    • iDivecenter Bubblemaker Gold gift set including a rash guard and a mask
    • Platinum
    • 5,200 ฿
    • PADI Bubblemaker wall certificate
    • Full scuba diving equipment
    • iDivecenter Bubblemaker Platinum gift set including a rash guard, a mask and fins
    • iDive Club Membership

    Host PADI Bubblemaker Party at your private swimming pool

    If you would like to do PADI Bubblemaker at your private pool, talk to us and we will tailor made a package just for you!

  • FAQ ▾

    When can I do Bubblemaker?
    As the programme is conducted in the swimming pool, we can do it anytime.

    How will I get to iDIvecenter?
    We are located in Phuket Boat Lagoon by the quay, about 15-20 min drive from the airport and Patong.

    What material do I need for my course?
    All the material will be provided here.

    How deep will I dive during the programme?
    Maximum 2 meters / 6 feet.

    What does the course price include?
    As described under each packages.

    Can I also go in the pool with my child?
    You may join your child in the pool by doing the Discover Scuba Diving programme yourself. Otherwise you are more than welcome to join us by the pool.

    Are there other non-diving activities for me to do while my child is with you?
    There are some nice restaurants and cafes within Phuket Boat Lagoon. We are also right next to an ice cream shop!